About Yours Truly


Hey! My name is Laura. I’m a bit of a sap and a romantic at heart. I’m a positive freak; the glass is always somewhere between half full and over flowing. If the water drops below the center line, then it’s time to get a new glass!

I also love to dabble in just about all of the arts. I seriously couldn’t make up my mind  growing up when it came to what I was going to do with my life, and it looks like I still am all over the map… I LOVE art, especially colorful abstract pieces. I’ve always loved water colors & pastels. Recently, I’ve fallen for acrylic painting. I’m an enormous fan of home DIY projects and making your house look stylish for pennies. I went to Culinary school in NYC and became a chef. Had my own Vegan Organic Baking business for 11 years, but got burned out running the catering business around the time I became a mom. I have never looked back! I am a mild health nut who loves the not so occasional ice cream and pizza (you need to enjoy life, people!). My first love has been the theatre. I’m an actress at heart that feels most comfortable on the stage.

Writing is growing like a weed in me though. My love for writing has always been there whether it’s poetry, novels, or playwrights. Just please don’t judge my horrid grammar and spelling! (That’s what spell check is for right? 😛 )

I am finishing writing my first novel! It’s a murder mystery about a serial killer set in Scranton, PA. Stay tuned to hear when it’ll be arriving on the best seller lists! 😉

So there you have a list of my artsy talents that I will be writing about on here! My palette is large and my ideas are larger still, so I hope you enjoy viewing the colors as we experience them together.